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Mini Markt Vendor Application 2022

Mini Markt Vendor Application 2022


Heurich House Museum’s Mini Markt program provides small-scale manufacturing entrepreneurs with a free in-person sales platform during our public Biergarten, which draws up to 200 people per day.

Our goal is to give small businesses without brick and mortar locations (artist spaces excluded) in their first few years of operations an affordable and manageable platform to support their growth.

The museum will provide vendors with:
1. A 4ft x 8ft space
2. One (1) 6ft table
3. One tablecloth
4. Access to bathrooms
5. Access to power
6. Professionally designed cross-promotional marketing materials

Museum staff will communicate with vendors about their acceptances at least 20 days in advance to and coordinate details on participation.

Please Upload your W-9

Vendor Marketing Information

Please upload your logo.
.png or .eps required.

Upload two photos that best represent what you will be selling at the market.

Small Business Development Program

The Mini Markt program contributes to the Heurich House Museum’s mission to create a more equitable future for local small-scale entrepreneurs, a majority of whom represent historically underserved communities. This new program, launching in June 2022, is part of our core mission, rooted in historic brewer Christian Heurich’s legacy of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, and inspired by our Annual Christmas Market – now in its 10th year.

To better serve our community, we are asking you to participate in some data collection.

Please Note: Answers to these questions are not required to participate.

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By signing below, you agree to the terms of the Vendor agreement.

Vendor Agreement


The Heurich House Museum (HHM) will host Mini Markt in the HHM Castle Garden at 1307 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC, 20036 on various dates through 2022. In consideration for Vendor’s participation in the Markt and their agreement to abide by the provisions set forth below, HHM grants permission to the Vendor to sell its merchandise at the Markt:


  • Vendors may load-in one hour prior to Markt start time and must complete by start time.  

  • HHM is not responsible for any goods or items damaged, lost, or stolen.

  • Vendor must load-in and load-out from Sunderland Place and/or New Hampshire Avenues only; no goods will be transported through the HHM buildings.

  • Vendor will clear all trash and debris from their Vendor Booth at the close of the markt.

  • Vendors must complete load-out within one hour of the Markt end time.  


  • HHM will provide Vendor with a space measuring approximately 8’ x 4’, one 6ft table, and tablecloth. Vending spaces are subject to change and may not measure exactly.

  • HHM will provide Vendor with access to bathroom facilities.

  • The HHM expressly disclaims any obligation or representation related to the number of persons who will be attending the Markt, or the revenue to be derived therefrom.

  • This contract may not be assigned or transferred by Vendor to any other party, nor may Vendor share their booth, space, or location with any other party or Vendor without the express, written consent of HHM.

  • HHM will promote Vendor’s participation in the Markt on its website and other marketing channels at its discretion.

  • Vendor may provide branded and information signage at its own discretion.

  • HHM will provide Vendor with an electronic copy of the Markt marketing image for use on Vendor’s website and social media.

  • Vendor agrees to post about the participation in the Markt on their social media channels at least one (1) time prior to the Markt and one time during the Markt.


  • Vendor agrees that it is authorized to sell the merchandise to be sold.

  • Vendor certifies that they are the creator of the work to be sold. Sale or display of counterfeit merchandise is strictly forbidden.


  • Vendor assumes sole risk of loss, theft or damage to merchandise and other personal property belonging to Vendor while such property or merchandise is in Vendor Booth or being stored overnight on HHM property. Vendor acknowledges that HHM does not assume any responsibility to insure the safety or to protect Vendor’s merchandise from loss or damage caused by fire, rain, theft, malicious mischief, accident or any other cause. Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold HHM and its partners, directors, officers, shareholders, managers, employees and its agent harmless from any liability damage, cost or expense (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs) arising from (a) Vendor’s use of or activities in or around Vendor’s Booth (s) or the Market premises and/or (b) injury to persons or property resulting from any cause whatsoever including, but not limited to, any furniture or fixtures in Vendor Booth, or from merchandise, other property or other items sold or exchanged by Vendor. Vendor assumes full responsibility for all merchandise Vendor offers for sale.

  • All Vendors serving food or beverage for consumption at the market are required to possess valid catering licenses and must obtain an insurance policy with no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence limits. A certificate of insurance naming the HHM as additional insured must be provided prior to occupying Vendor Booth.


  • The HHM, in its sole discretion, may cancel the Markt because of severe weather conditions. In the case of inclement weather that is not severe enough to cancel the Maret, the Markt will not be moved indoors, but will remain in the Castle Garden.